Fyshwick Childcare Centre Extension and Upgrades

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Project Management
$500 000 - $2 000 000
Fyshwick Childcare Centre Extension and Upgrades
 Client   ACT Shared Services Procurement on behalf of
 ACT Education and Training Directorate
 Sector  Education
 Value  $1.3 million
 Size  1400m2
 Timeframe     2013 - 2014
 Role  Superintendent

Fyshwick Childcare Centre was an ageing building that no longer met standards required for childcare centres. The project included demolition of part of the existing building, new extension works, refurbishment of the existing building and works to the playground and landscape. Design of the project was originally undertaken by a different Directorate and was passed to the Education and Training Directorate for delivery.

The original construction delivery intent was to undertake the works while the Centre was unoccupied and the architectural and services documentation were designed accordingly. As the project progressed to construction, it was determined that the Centre needed to continue operating throughout the project. Safety and communication with the Centre staff was consequently of paramount concern.

After a process of replanning the staging and programming of works, including temporary onsite facilities and safety measures, the necessary adjustments to architectural and services design were quickly resolved. The project was completed to the client’s satisfaction including use of a Staged Certificate of Occupancy to enable early occupation.

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