DHS Channel Operations Facility

Project Management
$2 000 000 - $10 000 000
DHS Channel Operations Facility
 Client   Department of Human Services
 Sector  Office
 Value  $2.5 million
 Timeframe     2015 - 2016
 Role  Project Manager

The Department of Human Services (DHS) required refurbishment of the existing Channel Operations Facility (COF) at Caroline Chisholm Building. The COF was to expand, upgrade and consolidate its business disruption monitoring and management roles. The COF is a command centre set-up with a high-quality AV screen-wall. The COF has the capability to centrally monitor and manage service delivery operations for DHS. It provides a real-time view of performance, and the ability to measure the impact of changes and service interruptions. Existing audio visual systems had reached the end of their useful life and thus a major upgrade of the facility was required.

The adjoining Emergency Command Centre room also needed refurbishing to accommodate up to 15 people in a secure room with direct access to the COF. The works were carried out in a live office environment with minimal disruption to normal operations being a key requirement.

The new Audio Visual Display Wall was to be utilised by the business unit for tracking and displaying current events and operations and required a complete upgrade. The Wall comprised of 40 individual HD TV screens connected via fibre link to each workstation, with the capacity to display a range of coordination management information. The Wall was designed as a curve in order to provide visibility to all 27 service desks.

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