Asbestos Response Taskforce

Project Management
$50 000 000+
Asbestos Response Taskforce
Client   Asbestos Response Taskforce, ACT Government
Sector Residential
Size Removal of asbestos from 1,022 properties
Value $400 million
Timeframe   2015 - 2018
Role Program Management Services

The Asbestos Response Taskforce (ART) was established by the ACT Government in June 2014 to provide assistance and a coordinated response to Canberrans whose properties were identified as containing loose fill asbestos. The largest installer of this product was a company known as 'Mr Fluffy' which was responsible for the installation of loose fill asbestos in over 1000 properties from the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s.

The Taskforce is responsible for coordinating the purchasing of affected properties, removing the asbestos (by complete demolition) and selling the remediated sites through a coordinated property sales program. This also entails an extensive and effective communication with all stakeholders and the general public.

Xact's role, which commenced in October 2015, is to establish and implement an Integrated Program Management Office (IPMO) within the Taskforce with responsibility for coordinating the involvement of the various stakeholders across the entire program.


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