ACT Adaptable Housing Project

Project Management
$2 000 000 - $10 000 000
ACT Adaptable Housing Project
 Client   Housing ACT, Community Services Directorate
 Sector  Residential
 Value  $2.1 million
 Timeframe     2015 - 2016
 Role  Principal's Authorised Person

The project involved the construction of nine new dwellings at three separate sites in Spence, Watson and Deakin in the ACT. The new houses and townhouses were designed to achieve compliance with the Adaptable Class ‘C’ Code, AS 4299-1995.

An adaptable house is one that is safe and easy to use for occupants of all ages. It must be easily adaptable without costly alterations to suit occupants, now or in the future, who have any type of disability. Specific reference is paid to landscaping, security, car parking, signage, lighting, floor levels, entrances, doorways and circulation spaces, sanitary facilities, bedrooms, kitchen, living and laundry areas.

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