Values and Culture

Xact Values

Professionalism, Passion and Pride

We have enthusiasm and a positive attitude towards everything we do, priding ourselves and our organisation on our service excellence and our client focused approach. We will always positively portray our company, building its reputation and be committed to everything we do.


We work as one united team to grow, develop and achieve our objectives within a flexible environment that respects and understands differences of opinions and treats everyone as equals. We will always seek and/or encourage input from others; support agreed decisions and processes; and promote recognition and personal innovation.

Trust, Honesty and Integrity

We are trusted to always do the right thing, being open and transparent in our communication and to follow through on our commitments.

Fluidity and Agility

We have a “Can Do” attitude, responding quickly to operational needs and market changes, whilst encouraging continual improvement and development within our business. We will always seek more effective and innovative ways to develop and grow our business and achieve required outcomes.

Xact Culture


  • Client focused, delivering consistently successful outcomes
  • Solution focused with early strategic input and peer reviews


  • Staff are valued and equal, working in a structure where open and honest communication is paramount
  • Staff are empowered to work autonomously and innovatively
  • High trust environment, respecting the need for personal time and flexibility with commitments
  • Willingness to accept and understand the individual roles we each perform
  • Sharing our knowledge base to learn from the past and improve for the future
  • Caring, with a willingness to mentor, help, accept and understand each other
  • Organised with everything in its place
  • Welcoming, friendly and social, with a positive vibe


  • Committed to implementing environmental initiatives
  • Actively participating in our community